Tower Living BV has issued this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firms commitment to the privacy of visitors to our website. In the following you can read how we handle information we receive through our website about our visitors.

The personal data given by the consumer will only be used for a correct handling of the order, unless the consumer gives permission for other uses.

Information logged automatically in the logfiles of our server
The server on which our website is hosted, keeps logfiles. We use the data from these logfiles (IP adresses, browser types, times and pages visited, downloaded files) for the following purposes:

To diagnose problems with the server. To identify information about the frequency of visits to our site, the information preferred and the browser types used. With this information, we try to tune our website as wel as possible to the preferences of our visitors. This information is not traced to individual users by us. We do not use this information for commercial or other purposes than those specified herein, nor do we provide this information to third parties.

On forms on this website users require to provide data such as their names, emails and in some cases their postal addresses. This information is used to handle the request from the user and, if necessary, to come into contact with them. We absolutely do not use this information for commercial or other purposes than described here, nor do we provide this information to third parties.

This website contains links to other websites
We strife for a careful selection of our published links. Tower Living is not reponsible for how these other websites safeguard the privacy of their visitors, nor for the content of these websites.

You can always retrieve your data from us or view them, by making a request by mail. Within 5 days of your request, you will receive an email with a summary of the data registered with us. If there is data that you like to modify, add or remove, please notify us.

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